The Story

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The Story

Too many young people are struggling alone. There is an urgent need for young people to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns about their mental health. We had to inspire more conversations.

2021 was HelloYellow’s most successful campaign yet, but this year needed to be even bigger. The campaign has built up a dedicated supporter base over the years – we had to increase its impact while maintaining familiarity for its followers.

A refreshed visual and verbal identity was needed. The charity came to us with three key challenges:

1. #HelloYellow targets schools, corporates and individuals, but over the years the creative had become more corporate looking and was starting to lose authenticity for their audiences

2. Each year, the charity gives #HelloYellow a theme. This year that was ‘Your Feelings Matter’ and the team wanted their theme to have more stand-out

3. Messaging could get stuck on the ‘sign up’ CTA and this year Young Minds wanted to use more emotive language and communicate more about their cause, work and impact.


Positivity is central to the day and the design had to feel up-beat, supportive and proactive without trivialising the issue at its core. The visual and verbal identity is purposefully punchy to increase stand out, feeling youthful and fun but carefully balanced with a thoughtful undertone.

We created a new logo that was given more pop to it - we modernised the speech bubble and created a bolder style with a youthful, energetic but approachable feel through strong lines with rounded corners.

The speech bubble was then used as the graphic language to house our messaging and to create a sense of multiple conversations. Using the graphic language at various angles helps to suggest an energy within with campaign. By expanding the visual identity we were able to house refreshed imagery to create a playful attitude to our designs.

We used bright colours, bold copy, cheerful art direction and a warm, intelligent tone of voice that would encourage discussion and awareness, putting community and conversations at the centre of the campaign.

Lets chat and Form something amazing. Lets chat and Form something amazing