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Brand Idea - Connecting the world

Source approached us to lead their brand through a transformation and bring it up to date, with new energy and new meaning. Their existing brand felt too corporate for their values - and lacked the personal touch and visionary spirit that Source embodies.

Source deliver sustainability led events and shows across fashion, home, garden and more. Every year they curate Europe’s biggest sustainable fashion show, driven by their passion to redefine the industry standard and make fashion and home buying better for people and the planet.

Our task was to rejuvenate Source’s image, infusing it with personality and a clear, compelling message to celebrate its strong values and purpose.

Our creative idea came from the concept of bringing the world together for a more sustainable future. We reflected on the way in which Source events brought buyers and ethical producers together from every corner of the world. We were inspired by the idea that Source shows could transcend borders and connect countries through fashion. The brand design toolkit was created to enable infinite creative possibilities and combinations, celebrating the idea that every connection made is unique and plays a role in building a more inclusive and sustainable global fashion future.

Our adaptable graphic system illustrated the limitless potential of global collaboration with a shared purpose. This visual narrative, rooted in partnership and innovation, underscores the belief that unity is the path to change.

Utilising the ‘blood orange’ logo typeface for headlines, we established a distinctive type hierarchy. The unique angles, shapes, and soft curves echo Source’s commitment to humanity, natural beauty, friendliness, and sustainability.

The selection of a vibrant, seasonally adaptable colour palette was critical. The colours not only capture the dynamic spirit of the show but also mirror the latest and evolving trends in fashion and home décor, reflecting Source’s forward-thinking attitude.

We integrated imagery that brings to life the rich stories of the makers behind the designs. Highlighting diverse talent and expertise from countries all over the world, we used imagery to celebrate the makers’ individual stories and experiences, together creating a mosaic of cultures, creativity, and craftsmanship.

This rebranding effort culminated in a tapestry of narratives, visually and emotionally connecting viewers to the heart of Source’s mission. 

The new identity now reflects Source’s ambitious global impact goals, and by capturing this progressive vision and encouraging collaboration, we have set the stage for a better fashion future, led by a global community of makers committed to creativity and sustainable practices.

Client quote

"From the very first moment we spoke to Alex and Chloe at FORM, we were incredibly confident that they were the right creative agency to take on our brand refresh. We’d spent some time speaking to a few different agencies before-hand and had quite a complex brief, but their perceptiveness and awareness of what we wanted to achieve shone through immediately. The design process itself was extremely well considered and felt very easy from our perspective, and they made sure that our input was valued – it was a very collaborative process. The most important thing however was the final result, and we couldn’t be happier with how the brand looks now. Exceeded our already high expectations. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them’’.

Toby Hedges - Senior Brand Manager